Imagination & Collaboration

 " I find great joy in creating. It's why I fell in love with this business. Striving for excellence is not uncommon, yet I strive for more. Telling stories that invigorate imaginations-- creating wonderful worlds in which your team and audience can exist is paramount, of course, but doing so while simultaneously building and fostering a great team is why I do this.


Growing together and cultivating trust, creative teams can take bigger risks, try new approaches and push beyond our perceived limits."


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A Leg Up © 2012 photos by  Harold Rintzler  Thre3bound © 2017 photos by Coco Alexander   Ceremony For This Time © 2015

Thre3bound at SIFF © 2019 photos by Paul Zimmerman  Wherefore Art Thou © 2019 photos by Amelia Sorenson